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Hardscapes can be a very important element of your landscape design and installation. With a perfect hardscape design, you can add a beautiful water feature or plantings to create a unique landscape that will make your competitors and fellow neighbors in awe of your property.

Some key hardscape projects that can add the right finishing touch to your landscape projects are:

  • Walkways from the parking lot to your front door
  • Landing pads for when stairs are required
  • Courtyards and patios for outdoor eating areas
  • Pavers for designated parking areas for that special employee of the month or guest parking
  • Raised planting beds with or without water features

Some properties may need elevation change to build the addition or make the access to the front door a unique experience. We can install natural stone steps, granite steps or paver steps that accent your property with the right design that will enhance the professionalism of your company.

For condominium projects, in addition to the above, we can add brick walkways or parking spots to individual units adding that special touch making each unit feel like they are living in their own home. Raised planting beds with water features in common areas is a great way to have your tenants feel like they have a place to go to socialize with their neighbors. What a great way to make friends and long-term tenants.

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