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Patios, retaining walls, walks, granite posts are some of the most popular hardscapes.

What are hardscapes? Hardscapes include walls, walks, patios, granite posts, steps and benches.

What can they do for your landscape? They can add beauty and interest to nearly anyone’s home. They also can increase the value of your property.

Our hardscape design team considers carefully the functions and placement of all hardscapes. We make sure your hardscape will blend with the surrounding natural landscape to ensure the best look for your property.

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You can choose from retaining, sitting or even accent walls. Walkways and patios can be laid in a myriad of different patterns. You can select from many different colors and styles. We can design and build anything from the smallest accent wall or walk to extensive large scale landscapes including all aspects of hardscaping.

Select from a Wealth of Hardscape Products

New England leads the country in the introduction of hardscape products. New Hampshire is known the world over for its granite. As a result, home owners here can select from a vast array of products. Our construction team is abreast of all the newly introduced products and the installation procedures required for each. This helps ensure that you receive a properly installed wall, walk, or patio that will last a lifetime.

Home owners also have a wide variety of garden lighting products available to them. Light posts and low voltage lighting can greatly accentuate your landscape. Lighting not only improves your landscape at night, but with the many different styles of accent lights, they can also improve your landscape during the day. With today’s landscape lighting you can up-light a tree, softly illuminate a pathway, or light up walks, driveways, and stairs for safety.

When it comes to hardscapes, the possibilities are endless. Let’s choose yours together. Below are a few options:

  • Brick and Granite Walkways and Patios
  • Walls and Steps
  • Granite Benches, Lamps and Mailbox Posts
  • Accent Lighting (Low-Voltage)

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