Landscape Design & Installation

To help you make decisions about your landscape design, our experts provide a cost estimate and a detailed computer generated image of your landscaping plan. Our landscape designers are extremely knowledgeable and skilled. They can help you determine how and where to use various plant, stone and waterscape features to best accentuate your property.

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We can provide a comprehensive landscape design plan that will cover all the details

Complete Landscape Design Plans

Many P & L Landscaping customers want complete design and installation services for their property. Our process starts with an initial consultation. This is where a P & L Landscaping expert meets with you to fully understand your project and begin work on the design.

Our goal is to take your dream concept, incorporate our extensive field experience, and create a “masterpiece” that you and your neighbors will really enjoy. Once the preliminary designs are in place, your sales representative will go over the complete work plan with you to make sure it is exactly what you expect.

With a vast array of building and plant material available from P & L Landscaping, your sales representative will help you select the best supplies for your project. Your sales representative also will personally oversee your project, from concept to completion, in order to ensure it meets the highest standard.

Our experienced landscape construction team takes pride in every project. We are confident that our finished product will be exactly what you desire.

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