Sod Installation


Sod installation provides an instant lawn and doesn’t dry out as fast as seeded lawns.

Doesn’t everyone want a beautiful lawn?

All methods of installing a new lawn have their advantages and disadvantages. With sod installation, your upfront costs may be a bit more than hydro seeding or other direct seed methods, but many people don’t realize that sod will save time and maintenance costs.

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Benefits of Sod Installations

There are many reasons why P & L Landscaping customers decide to go with sod over seeding a new lawn or portion of a lawn:


Instant Lawn:

Sod turns bare soil into luscious grass immediately. With this, you have instant gratification of having a beautiful lawn for your property.


No Bare Patches:

Even the best seeded lawns have some bare patches after they are first seeded. With sod, you have end-to-end grass.


Less Irrigation:

Because sod is already established, it requires less watering at the beginning of the new lawn process. You won’t need as many watering times per day as with seeded lawns. Typically, twice a day is plenty to keep your sod lawn looking great. This can result is lower watering costs.


Less Waiting Time:

Your sod lawn is ready for light activity shortly after it is applied. With seeded lawns, you need to stay off the new lawn until it begins to germinate into a healthy lawn (3 to 4 weeks). In fact, you still should be cautious for up to 6 weeks.


Sod Stays Put:

While the seeds from a new lawn may blow or wash away before it starts to germinate, sod is nearly immune to the effects of wind and rain.


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